Elevate your everyday
at Aviary Toowong.

Artist’s Impression – Indicative of precinct concept only. Final detailed design may differ.

Brisbane’s most exciting lifestyle precinct.

Live your best life at Aviary Toowong. Toowong’s visionary new town centre is set to become the beating heart of Brisbane’s inner west.
Outstanding amenity and exceptional connectivity support an effortless live-work-play lifestyle in this inspired precinct.
Artist’s Impression – Aviary Port Cochere
Artist's impression.

An extraordinary lifestyle awaits.

Designed with the Brisbane way of life in mind, Aviary Residences enjoys a private and lush rooftop oasis, design that connects the outdoors with everyday home living, all with a backdrop of impressive river, city and mountain views.
Artist's impression - resident's rooftop.

A new benchmark for luxury living.

An exclusive collection of just 12 Sky Villas provide uninterrupted views across the river to the CBD. These remarkable penthouses feature oversized floorplans, high ceilings, and beautifully curated interiors.

Artist's impression - Aviary Tower.

The workplace of the future.

Delivering custom-designed and flexible workspace solutions, we have taken steps to ensure our office spaces provide a platform for organisations and individuals to thrive. Embracing design excellence and innovation, Aviary Tower understands the intricacies of work-life balance, while achieving the highest standards in wellness and sustainability.

Brisbane’s most exciting new precinct.

Imagine a dynamic lifestyle destination you’ll never want to leave. Exceptionally well connected and ultra-convenient, leafy Toowong blends inner-city accessibility with a welcoming neighbourhood feel.

Toowong masterfully combines the hustle and bustle of big-city life with the peace and quiet of the suburbs.

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      You can download and print additional copies of the Due diligence checklist (Word, 58KB).

      Before you buy a home or vacant residential land, you should be aware of a range of issues that may affect that property and impose restrictions or obligations on you, if you buy it. This checklist aims to help you identify whether any of these issues will affect you. The questions are a starting point only and you may need to seek professional advice to answer some of them. For more information about professional advice, view Seek expert advice on property.

      All sellers or estate agents must make this checklist available to potential buyers of homes or residential property.

      Sellers or estate agents must:

      This page contains additional links to organisations and web pages that can help you learn more.

      Urban living

      High density areas are attractive for their entertainment and service areas, but these activities create increased traffic as well as noise and odours from businesses and people. Familiarising yourself with the character of the area will give you a balanced understanding of what to expect.

      For more information, visit:

      Buying into an owners corporation (formerly body corporate)

      If the property is part of a subdivision with common property such as driveways or grounds, it may be subject to an owners corporation. You may be required to pay fees and follow rules that restrict what you can do on your property, such as a ban on pet ownership.

      For more information, view Owners corporations and read the Statement of advice and information for prospective purchasers and lot owners (Word, 53KB).

      Growth areas

      You should investigate whether you will be required to pay a growth areas infrastructure contribution.

      For more information, visit Growth areas infrastructure contribution – Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP).

      To find out if a property is within the Melbourne Strategic Assessment area, which has special requirements for biodiversity conservation, use the Obligations in the Biodiversity Conservation Strategy Area tool at Native Vegetation Information Management – DELWP.

      Flood and fire risk

      Properties are sometimes subject to the risk of fire and flooding due to their location. You should properly investigate these risks and consider their implications for land management, buildings and insurance premiums.

      For information about fire risk, visit Your property – DELWP.

      For general information about flood risk, visit the Australian Flood Risk Information Portal – Geoscience Australia.

      To find out who is responsible for floodplain management in your area, visit Catchment management framework – DELWP.

      Catchment management authority websites:

      Rural properties

      If you are looking at property in a rural zone, consider:

      Earth resource activity, such as mining

      You may wish to find out more about exploration, mining and quarrying activity on or near the property and consider the issue of petroleum, geothermal and greenhouse gas sequestration permits, leases and licences, extractive industry authorisations and mineral licences.

      For more information, visit:

      Soil and groundwater contamination

      You should consider whether past activities, including the use of adjacent land, may have caused contamination at the site and whether this may prevent you from doing certain things to or on the land in the future.

      For information on sites that have been audited for contamination, visit Land and groundwater pollution – EPA.

      For guidance on how to identify if land is potentially contaminated, see the Potentially Contaminated Land General Practice Note June 2005 at Planning Practice Notes – DELWP.

      Land boundaries

      You should compare the measurements shown on the title document with actual fences and buildings on the property, to make sure the boundaries match. If you have concerns about this, you can speak to your lawyer or conveyancer, or commission a site survey to establish property boundaries.

      For more information, visit Land Use Victoria.

      Planning controls affecting how the property is used, or the buildings on it

      All land is subject to a planning scheme, run by the local council. How the property is zoned and any overlays that may apply, will determine how the land can be used. This may restrict such things as whether you can build on vacant land or how you can alter or develop the land and its buildings over time.

      The local council can give you advice about the planning scheme, as well as details of any other restrictions that may apply, such as design guidelines or bushfire safety design. There may also be restrictions – known as encumbrances – on the property’s title, which prevent you from developing the property. You can find out about encumbrances by looking at the section 32 statement.

      Proposed or granted planning permits

      The local council can advise you if there are any proposed or issued planning permits for any properties close by. Significant developments in your area may change the local ‘character’ (predominant style of the area) and may increase noise or traffic near the property.

      The local council can give you advice about planning schemes, as well as details of proposed or current planning permits. For more information, visit Browse planning schemes – DELWP.

      A cultural heritage management plan or cultural heritage permit may be required prior to works being undertaken on the property. For help to determine whether a cultural heritage management plan is required for a proposed activity, visit Cultural heritage management plans, permits, agreements and tests – Aboriginal Victoria.


      Building laws are in place to ensure building safety. Professional building inspections can help you assess the property for electrical safety, possible illegal building work, adequate pool or spa fencing and the presence of asbestos, termites or other potential hazards.

      For more information, visit:

      Owners of a pool or spa must:

      For more information, visit Swimming pools and spas – VBA.

      Building permits

      There are laws and regulations about how buildings and retaining walls are constructed, which you may wish to investigate to ensure any completed or proposed building work is approved. The local council may be able to give you information about any building permits issued for recent building works done to the property, and what you must do to plan new work. You can also commission a private building surveyor’s assessment.

      For more information about building regulation, view Building and renovating.

      Aboriginal cultural heritage and building plans

      For help to determine whether a cultural heritage management plan is required for a proposed activity, visit Cultural Heritage Management Plans – Aboriginal Victoria

      Insurance cover for recent building or renovation works

      Ask the vendor if there is any owner-builder insurance or builder’s warranty to cover defects in the work done to the property.

      You can find out more about insurance coverage at:

      Connections for water, sewerage, electricity, gas, telephone and internet

      Unconnected services may not be available, or may incur a fee to connect. You may also need to choose from a range of suppliers for these services. This may be particularly important in rural areas where some services are not available.

      For help choosing an energy retailer, visit Victorian Energy Compare.

      For information on possible impacts of easements, visit Land registration – Land Use Victoria.

      For information on the National Broadband Network (NBN) visit NBN Co.

      Buyers’ rights

      The contract of sale and section 32 statement contain important information about the property, so you should request to see these and read them thoroughly. Many people engage a lawyer or conveyancer to help them understand the contracts and ensure the sale goes through correctly. If you intend to hire a professional, you should consider speaking to them before you commit to the sale. There are also important rules about the way private sales and auctions are conducted. These may include a cooling-off period and specific rights associated with ‘off the plan’ sales. The important thing to remember is that, as the buyer, you have rights.

      For more information, view Buying property.

      Professional associations and bodies that may be helpful: